Digital Postbox

Redefining Communication Solutions for Modern Postal Challenges

The whitepaper

This whitepaper published March 2024 explores the multifaceted challenges confronting the global postal industry. These include:

  • the sustained decline in letter volumes
  • the looming obsolescence due to the advent of digital communication technologies
  • and the mounting imperative for sustainability within these organisations

Despite these challenges, postal operators continue to play a pivotal role within societal infrastructures, necessitating an evolution in their operations to harness digital advancements, thereby reinforcing their relevance and operational efficacy.

The whitepaper explores the complexities and opportunities that lie ahead, paving the way for an examination of how tech and policy innovation can redefine the position of postal operators.


The data

To execute the research, e-Boks, a PostNord affiliate, collaborated with Triangle Service Management to gather responses from 179 professionals across the global postal sector, representing 74 distinct postal entities. 72% came from the EMEA region, 17% from the Americas, and 11% from rest of the world.

To support the quantitative data collection, expert interviews with the industry leaders below have also been conducted.

interviewees postal whitepaper