Innovative GovTech 2023

The COP27 agenda and how governments can get there

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GovTech empowering democracy


Governments worldwide are facing increasing demands for better and more secure digital communication with citizens. As technology continues to grow and become more pervasive, citizens anticipate that their government will offer a similar degree of convenience, security, and accessibility in communication as they experience with other technologies in their daily lives. In response, many governments are turning to GovTech (government technology) solutions to improve digital communication between government and citizens.

As a result, GovTech is now a rapidly growing field that is transforming the way that governments deliver public services and conduct their operations. Various GovTech initiatives are being implemented, with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public services and enhancing the democratic processes of government.

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  • topics such as the COP27 agenda, examples of current GovTech initiatives, and the role of GDPR & cyber security

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EU Grants available

The size of the grants available to some of the EU countries and how much should be spend on digitalization and sustainability

GovTech - EU Grants

Citizens of Europe

Quotes from European citizens, telling their stories how governments handled information sharing during Covid19

GovTech - EU Citizens

Physical communication 

The amount of letters sent and the associated cost with postage for the EU countries, and how many letters are actually delivered on time

GovTech - EU Letters